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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#19 (39.4 difficulty score)
A 23-year-old primigravid woman at 22 weeks' ...
Ask the patient if she would allow the examination if her husband is present at all times🔍

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submitted by m-ice(272),
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sympathetikey  Garbage question. +44  
masonkingcobra  So two men is better than one apparently +23  
zoggybiscuits  GarBAGE! ? +1  
bigjimbo  gárbágé +4  
fulminant_life  this question is garbage. She doesnt want to be examined by a male how would the presence of her husband make any difference in that respect? +10  
dr.xx  I guess this is a garbage question because what hospital, even small and rural, does not have a female physician on staff. NBME take notice -- this is the 2010s not 1970s. +8  
medpsychosis  The question here focuses on a specific issue which is the patient's religious conservative beliefs vs. urgency of the situation. A physician is required to respect the patient's autonomy while also balancing between beneficence and non-maleficence. The answer choice where the physician asks the patient if it would be ok to perform the exam with the husband present is an attempt to respect the conservative religious belief of the patient (not being exposed or alone with another man in the absence of her husband) while also allowing the physician to provide necessary medical treatment that could be life saving for her and or the child. Again, this allows for the patient to practice autonomy as she has the right to say no. +12  
sahusema  I showed this question to my parents and they said "this is the kind of stuff you study all day?" smh +19  
sherry  I totally agree this is a garbage question. I personally think there is more garbage question on new NBME forms than the previous ones...they can argue in any way. I feel like they were just trying to make people struggle on bad options when everybody knows what they were trying to ask. +  
niboonsh  This question is a3othobillah +4  
sunshinesweetheart  this question is really not that garbage....actually easy points I was grateful for... yall are just clearly ignorant about Islam. educate yourselves, brethren, just as this exam is trying to get you to do. but yeah I agree there should be an option for female physician lol +5  
drmohandes  I think this NBME24 is a waste of $60. On one hand we have these types of questions, that have 0 connection to our week-month-year-long studying. On the other hand we have "Synaptobrevin" instead of SNARE, because f*ck coming up with good questions. +10  
myoclonictonicbionic  @sunshinesweetheart I actually have studied the religion tremendously and there a clear consensus among all Muslims that in the case of an emergency, it is completely allowed to have someone from the opposite gender examine you. I think this actually represents how ignorant the exam writers are of Islam. +6  
korahelqadam  All it takes is one NBME question concerning muslims for the Islamophobia to jump out I guess +  
sars  This is a very fair question. I agree with sunshinesweetheart above. That is all. +  
wrongcareer69  Garbage question +  

C and D are never really the right answers on ethics questions. B is out because nurses are not specifically trained to do this), you're left with A and E. Because her blood pressure is 90/60, pulse is 120, she's bleeding out and this is an emergency. The other facility is 2 hours away. Asking the patient if she'd allow the exam wouldn't hurt, wouldn't it? It doesn't say "forcefully examine her", it says ask. If she says no, then you'd have no other choice but to let her bleed out on the 2 hour drive to her family obstetrician.

drdoom  dude you’re on point with these close readings of the stems! Lit(erature) major? +  

exactly how I answered this question. the worst case scenario for A is that she says no. But you can say ethically you've exhausted all options before sending her to death on the 2 hour journey.

+/- jgraham3(10),

This question isn't great especially if you're a muslim trying to answer this lol because the presence of your husband has nothing to do with whether or not you show any part of your body that's usually covered. It also reinforces stereotypes that males dictate who we can show our bodies to. With that being said, i guess it wouldn't hurt to ask in case she feels uncomfortable...but if anything, i'd imagine the presence of another woman would be more comforting... question sucks

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submitted by apurva(46),

In India, our nurses are smart enough to perform PV and even to deliver the neonate!!!

I am crying due to my 60usd loss!!!!

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submitted by gandon(0),

What the fuck kind of question is this? My gut was telling me to ask to examine her with husband present, but logic was telling me that this option was ruled out already by the patient herself in the stem.

She clearly EXPLAINED that she is very religious and does not want a man examining her, despite her explaining that she is bleeding "copiously". There is no option to explain the situation to her that there is only a male doctor present and leave her to decide. So what kind of annoying prick of a doctor would immediately be like "ok so I get that you have just explained to me that you do not want to be examined by a man because you are very religious, I respect that, but can your husband watch as I examine you?" what the fuck does that change? SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE EXAMINED BY A MAN.

I was just thinking that a nurse is the next best thing you know? a nurse is better than not being examined at all because I assumed she ruled out a man examining her at all.