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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 4/Question#25 (23.2 difficulty score)
A healthy 25-year-old man eats a meal ...
Fusion of an intracellular vesicle with the plasma membrane🔍

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submitted by humble_station(62),

In a pancreatic B cell glucose enters via GLUT 2 and enters glycolysis. This causes the increased concentration of ATP in the cell causes the closure of ATP sensitive K+ channels. When this happens the cells becomes depolarized allowing Voltage gated Ca2+ channels to be open. The Ca2+ allows for exocytosis of insulin into the blood vessel.

Hence the answer here... Fusion of an intracellular vesicle with the plasma membrane.

pg 324 FA 2019 has the image

brotherimodu  Woah. Who knew the body was so complicated? +  
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submitted by trichotillomaniac(79),
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submitted by trichotillomaniac(79),
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submitted by dr.xx(129),
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anjum  Bro wat r u doin with this explanation +1