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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#3 (30.8 difficulty score)
A 13-year-old boy is brought to the physician ...
This will typically resolve within the next 12 to 18 months.πŸ”

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submitted by gonyyong(103),
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osler_weber_rendu  How does telling an "embarrassed kid" that he will have big tits for 12-18 months help?! +28  
howdywhat  my exact thought, telling him that it will last for somewhere around a year and a half doesnt seem so reassuring +1  
suckitnbme  I thought it was reassuring in that the kid is being told this isn't permanent as well as that this isn't something serious. It's important to inform him about the prognosis. +8  
thotcandy  "don't worry your gynecomastia isn't permanent, but the mental scars from the bullying you will receive in HS definitely will be :) good luck!" +4  
therealslimshady  What is the gynecomastia is from a prolactinoma? +  
misterdoctor69  @therealslimshady the gynecomastia is from the sudden surge of testosterone during puberty being converted into estrogen => more breast tissue. +3  
mnunez187  My breasts are not rubbery nodules, thank you very much! +