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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 1/Question#8 (51.9 difficulty score)
A 24-year-old woman at 28 weeks' gestation is ...

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submitted by medpsychosis(115),
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ehT way I hutoght oautb ti asw a lilett oemr icsiil.spmt We esu nno evlscieet eatb lockersb .g.e( rPralln)opoo rfo teh ettamtrne fo stlaenies reeTforhe a btae saitgon ulowd vhea the itpepoos eff,tce aka uaesc ro acennhe

hungrybox  Genius +3  
sunny  Also it(blockers) hides signs of hypoglycemia which are tremors. +3  

submitted by lsmarshall(415),
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Teh" xecta meanmhsci rof ometrr niocduitn yb c(2ndgβre-rea)i sasgtnio is litsl wn,ounkn btu ehter si oesm ncedeeiv tath (-i)edeβngcr2ar onsaigts tac ytdiercl no .cul.sem. rMoe eecntl,ry morrte ash eenb ceatdrlroe eolcsly htwi paoelahm.a"iky - IHN icibloptnua

rFtis Adi tmeninso hrohdrsiyeimypt iusganc etomrr fomr rrβaiegcnd-e sotai.nmluti It alos esnntomi tgi-saβo2sn uscagni ormter as a ised .fcefte tFirs idA asol tonsemni iβo2ssant-g nigirdv pmsouitsa tnio cs,lel whhic amy utntoicerb ot rmte.or Ttha ai,sd mroe aissccl mmpsyost fo iopmkalehya ear eidw SRQ nda pkdeae T vasew no GEC, ,hamyshartri dna cuselm ss.aenwek

nLiookg uonard on het tietnnre lsoko keli if ratheyp si udonitcen het rtemor orfm a iβoantg2ss- ersvosel v.iromtee

xxabi  Sketchy mentions tremor and arrhythmia as side effects! +1  
drpatinoire  Hypokalemia is more associated with U waves, flattened T, muscle cramps/spasm, those symptoms you mentioned is more typical in hyperkalemia. (I guess you made a typo..?) +1  

submitted by yb_26(255),
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betolAulr - eesarxl oblnraich ohtsom clemsu otrsh( ciantg taβ-2i)o.ngs oFr aecut aCn seuac meor,rt ayirarthhm.

solgabrielamoreno  FA 2019 page 672 +  

submitted by duat98(27),
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siTh pbbolray nti's 100% llctaypliio trceocr bu:t

etBa 2 otsiang is ltlis a etba nsgitoa so ti nac dbni csioleanilnyfp dan ecusa B1 aatintcovi ciwhh illw acseu trorem kaa avtitcesa neaegrl has.peytsmcti

wteignSa is enyllgrae cna be zrgectoeida as psteiathmyc tacoivinat ubt the wtase anlgd ahs a mcnicrisua opeercrt os ti no'wt be cateefdf yb a aetb i.gtoans

teh greiainnm icsheoc are aethpiptsmyraca snrsseoe.p

submitted by niboonsh(357),
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si on neo lsee dncoceenr auobt teh atfc taht heryet giignv a abet 2 tsingao to a nawom swoh 82 kswee ...t..ep.?.anrgn

yobo13  Beta 2 agonists relax the uterus so this would be okay, right? +2  
med4fun  inhaled drugs do not have as much of systemic affect and B-agonists are used often in pregnancy for asthma control. SABAS are deemed safe but there are increased birth defects with long acting B-agonists. +  

submitted by gautham(0),
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fi ptu sadsehproii escaueb ebat natgoi2s nrasieec uniinsl cusea omphyelagiyc enth indgeal ot hpiosardsei l?cduo obayynd leipanx

submitted by imgdoc(135),
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I ouhhttg of it a,s a ateB nigsota udolw aescu aovdntil,oias dna fxrlee yrdt,ccaiaah ehr lpseu is raydeal at 01,0 so it wloud ujpm .hhgrie ehS ludoc egt patsinailtpo and te.romsr yPabrobl het tasel yeillk aptinlxeoan tou fo teh rset hu.ohgt

submitted by coolcatac(18),
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,Psul lal teh toher onposti aer not ociaassdte tiwh B2 o,gtains os sjtu yb ceosprs of ni,laimnetoi oretmr is eth lyno neo tlef