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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#12 (49.8 difficulty score)
An 80-year-old man is admitted to the ...

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submitted by skinnynomore(14),
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hryT’ee nigvgi a tol of nfgsnciou etrax nnoiaroftim er,eh mebya ot ptri su up. yThe usjt tnaw vlomeu of nbuiioidtstr, mlesip sa tt.ha

Vd = [drgu eneidarm]tisd ÷ paam[sl grdu irtannnoc]oetc

tsiFr cvotner ti lla ot L/g bceeaus htis si how eht snewra ilwl eb:

amdrties:dein 80 gm = .800 glmsapa nccinotnoter:a 4 ulg/m = .0004 L/g


dV = 08.0 gsarm ÷ 0400. L/g = 02 L

nrlceeaCa fo rgdu si otn a hegu ctoafr cseuaeb eht hafl eifl si os gnol ahtt hte urgd is irisuditbntg obreef taifsnincgi alrenccea co.rcus

gonyyong  I think the distribution half-life and elimination half-life was saying that by the time you checked, it had fully distributed (10 half-lifes) and had not been cleared yet (super long half-life) +14  
soph  1000ug= 1mg and 1g=1000000ug so then 4ug/ml * 1g/ 1000000ug= 0.000004 g/ml 0.000004g/ml * 1000ml/L= 0.004 g/L 80mg*1g/1000mg= 0.08 g vd= 0.08g/ 0.04g/l =20L +4  
tiredofstudying  Or, like a normal human, convert 4ug/mL into mg/L ... which is 4 mg/L. 80mg/4mg/L is 20L. +19  
corgilobacter  I hate NBME... I thought these stupid conversions were over after undergrad. Nope. +1  

submitted by fahmed14(29),
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Vd = umanot of urgd ni dybo / amlasp rugd notna.ceicnrto

Antmou of rgdu ni bdoy = 8gm0

smPaal dgru tnrieocnnacto = 4 /girmasmcLrom = gmL4/

dV = gmg80/L/)(m4 = 0L2

trisbDti iuno fae-ihfll si 3 unmitse so arfte 30 mni ew nac smueas the drug si aiymalmlx .bsiddutetri mintoEilian hl-eifafl si 42 usrho so ew can sumaes a ilgblene tunaom of rdgu olst

submitted by lm4(9),
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uyo duolc oasl evha sude het dangiol odes nuoqaeit beacu(se yhet gvae yuo iogldan sedo dna dlto ouy ti wsa )=VLID (dV x p)C/ F fi ouy earkf out ta connriegtv ituns ekli I od