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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#42 (45.3 difficulty score)
Which of the following terms best describes ...
tags: extracellular_matrix biochem cell_bio 

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I like tihs tusoqnie ebsecua ti eidrnms em hatt msaxeeirn tinkh ocsejbt anc iexts in 2 inmdeios.ns

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ecntrFionib is na lltrarcexuale ximrat lgn,ierptooyc hwlie malni is na redetiimntea efanmlit tath pllciicfeyas pdveirso posuprt to the llce scun.eul otn’D nfecsuo lamin iwht alinnim cs(eeinc sathe us a;cylelr) niinmla si keli ,brionetifcn an ECM gcoloytpeirn nad a jmaro tnomocpne of eht slaba minala of entbasme anmbse.emr

masonkingcobra  Lamin looks like a "cross" and held up Jesus and the basal lamina is super important just like jesus (you bet there are people who believe this) +16  
dr.xx  blasphemy @masonkingcobra +  
luciana  I clearly confused lamin with laminin, now I know +2  
almondbreeze  FA 2019 pg 48 lamin +1  
almondbreeze  picked tubulin but i guess tubulin makes up microtubules and therefore is spherical +  
gandon  I used to kill and rob people before I found Lamin. He died for my sins on the Cross and changed my life. +  

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submitted by nwinkelmann(257),
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o.S.. I dti'dn wonk tawh it swa os I lkoode it u.p.. dna el,git umagrn si rapt of s.ntl...a...p... ll!yre?a llo

cinnapie  We out here treating plants!! +3  

Any good material to prepare for this kind of stuffs?

apurva  Lord Jesus +6  
ozmartini  Had to think back to my cell bio class in undergrad +  

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submitted by sweetmed(123),
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isLman romf a uclearn emarbmne usdiurongnr D.AN pmi for srluurattc ,purtsop ionzagring oemg,ne ltegnuargi nege scttiir.rnnpao Dfvicteee ni igeoarPr adn rmuuslca yphos.yrtd

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submitted by apurva(46),

I think for nbme 24, i wasted my hard earned 60 usd

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submitted by soph(49),
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uNrcea"l ilnanmi eslsadsmbise + frorem cenular pveoleen udgnir otmissi. hyTe era plehllfu orf utcrestru dan scorrlpnaittani noretaglui in lcle .ulsnce"u OSSMI-OS

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submitted by soph(49),
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rleNcua" inanilm bssealsdemis + ermrfo aeculnr noeelepv giurdn mi.istso yeTh aer ellfphlu fro turucrset dan sriprannattloic nlritegoua ni lcel ce"lu.snu OOSI-SMS